Warning: Spoiler alert! If you didn't watch the (shocking!) season three finale of "Homeland" and aren't ready to find out what went down, DO NOT read on. Consider yourself warned. Don't blame Us if you continue reading!

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Jennifer Lawrence really is just like Us: She thinks TV spoilers really, really suck. The irrepressible "American Hustle" star, 23, is evidently a huge fan of "Homeland" -- and suffered a devastating series spoiler when she met series star Damian Lewis at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in L.A. last Saturday, Jan. 18.

Gabbing with Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson, the Oscar winner (and 2014 nominee) became absolutely starstruck when the British actor, who plays Nicholas Brody on the Showtime smash, was spotted speaking to another reporter mere feet away.

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"Somebody's got a crush!" Robinson observed as Lawrence grew more and more flustered. "Somebody has watched two seasons of 'Homeland' twice, and I'm freaking out a little bit. That is Brody. I've never met Brody," the Kentucky native said.

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After some bashful glances his way ("Stop looking! Seriously! Stop!"), Lawrence and Lewis, 42, embraced and exchanged small talk and compliments. Then a reporter interjected to ask Lawrence about the, um, earth-shattering events of season three's finale -- which the perky blonde has yet to actually see.

Watch the priceless exchange and Lawrence's devastated reaction now -- and, once again, spoiler alert!


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