@jlo / Instagram 1 / 12
@jlo / Instagram 1 / 12

A whole lot of Jennifer Lopez has ended up on the (salon) cutting room floor.

The do-it-all superstar showed off a new look on Instagram, a fairly drastic new look, too. J. Lo unveiled a new choppy bob haircut in her latest car selfie on July 13.

"Short hair don't care...," she captioned the smoldering image of herself staring into the camera lens, wearing a cobalt blue outfit with mesh sleeves.

Jennifer appears to have potentially darkened her hair just the slightest bit, as well, although it could be an optical illusion, considering we can't stop looking at her smoky eyes and emanating lip gloss.

Did we mention that this bombshell is 45-years-old!

J. Lo's latest look seemed to get a thumbs up from most of her nearly 23 million Instagram followers. Really, though, can J. Lo ever go wrong? In fairness, J. Lo needs fantastic hair to go along with along with those insane abs!

The new look comes amid reports that Jennifer and Casper Smart have again rekindled. Over the last several weeks, the couple has been photographed together throughout the country.

In J. Lo's latest TV series, "Shades of Blue," she plays Harlee Santos, a single mother and a detective with shorter, curly hair. So, maybe this cut is for the role. Maybe not. One thing is for sure: Jennifer is still as fierce as ever, no matter her hairstyle.