Jennifer Morrison, the star of Once Upon a Time, hops a plane every four days to jet between her L.A. home and the show's set in Canada. "I always have my passport on me, as well as two currencies."

What else does the 33-year-old star -- dating Sebastian Stan, 29 -- pack in her Anna Sui for Coach tote? (

Tech Support

"I feel like a Mac store! I have a Canadian iPhone, an American iPhone and an iPad. I'm constantly downloading music to iTunes."

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Hair-raising Solution

"Unite has a great dry shampoo called 7Seconds. After a hot yoga class, when I'm supersweaty I spray this on and my hair comes back to life. Miraculous!"

Happy Tails to You

"Of course, I have to pack for my Maltese shih tzu mix, Ava, too. I bring doggie bags and some Old Mother Hubbard peanut butter biscuits."

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Read Her Lips

"I adore Smashbox lip stains. I carry a natural color for daytime and a berry shade for going out at night."

Card Collection 

"I keep a Bergdorf Goodman gift card from seven years ago on me, and I still have my Blockbuster card. Are there even Blockbusters left in the world?"

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More Essentials:

Keychain (

This article originally appeared on Jennifer Morrison: What's in My Bag?