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Jenny McCarthy is starting to change her tune about marriage.

Although the star, 37, has said she would never wed Jim Carrey, her beau of five years, she tells UsMagazine.com that it may soon become a possibility.

"We say 'never,' but I don't know," she told Us at the 8th Annual World Poker Tournament in L.A. Saturday. "Maybe for tax purposes, someday, when we are old."

She adds: "That's what we keep joking -- like, when we are 70! But for now, we're fine. We are really fine!"

And for now, the only change she and Carrey, 48, are prepping for is their new roles as grandparents! (Carrey's daughter, Jane, is due to give birth next week.)

"I love it! I love, love, love it," McCarthy, mom to 7-year-old son Evan, says of the impending title change. "I think I'm going to be the awesome grandma, the world's best, is what I say."


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