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Hip-hop mogul Jermaine Dupri ran into trouble with Florida police officers in the early hours of Friday after the car he was traveling in was pulled over for its tinted windows.

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The producer was a passenger in the Lincoln which was initially stopped by cops for its darkened windows, but as Miami Beach authorities approached, they claimed to smell "a strong odor of marijuana" inside and demanded Dupri and his four pals get out so they could search the men and their vehicle.

An officer discovered a single pill of anxiety medication Xanax on one of Dupri's friends, and insisted on calling in assistance from sniffer dogs to uncover any contraband they may have had stashed in the car.

No illegal substances were found and Dupri and his group were subsequently allowed to continue on their way after proving his pal had a prescription for the Xanax.

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Janet Jackson's ex took to Instagram during the chaos to share a photo of the police drama, and pleaded with fans to alert editors at gossip blog TMZ to draw attention to his situation, writing, "Somebody please call TMZ. 5 police cars just pulled us over."