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Walking in Jerry Ferrara's shoes is a little easier after his dramatic weight loss a few years ago. And, he's managed to keep it off.

Over time, the "Entourage" star has dropped 40 pounds by changing his lifestyle. But, the now-trim star explained to New You magazine, the whole process was an intense struggle. In fact, he quit his weight loss journey several times.

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"During season six [of "Entourage"], about three months shy of my 30th birthday, I had to take a physical," he said. "The doctor was really diligent in checking me out. I passed the exam, but I weighed about 200 pounds and I'm 5'7". It's hard to carry 200 pounds on that frame."

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Jerry was told that he could have some real problems managing his weight if he continued his lifestyle. Maybe it was scare tactic, but he listened and began dieting almost immediately.

"I followed [the diet] for three days, then had a meltdown and almost gave up. I started again and then had a 20-day streak. Then I gave up again. I got another 20 days and this time it stuck," he said. "I was losing about three to four pounds a month, and kept it going for 10 months. That's 30 to 40 pounds. What happened then was a whole lifestyle change. I devoted myself to working out, quit smoking, committed to an annual physical."

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His new body has done wonders for his career, he admitted, saying that it allowed him to play Gabrielle Union's love interest in "Think Like a Man," something that never would have happened at 200 pounds.

He's now very staunch in his workout routine.

"I play basketball one night a week, box one day a week, and do some weight training on my own," he said.

To steal a line from "Johnny Drama": Victory!