Jerry O'Connell doesn't like to brag about his kids, twin daughters Dolly and Charlie. But if you must know, his girls with wife Rebecca Romijn are doing great — albeit not as great as their contemporaries, he claims.

The actor, 39, spoke to Us Weekly at the premiere of his new comedy, Scary Movie 5, in Hollywood on April 11 about his 4-year-olds' latest milestones or, rather, lack of them. "I hear other parents talking about how advanced their children are, but mine aren't that advanced!" he laments.

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"They're going potty in the toilet — that's really big. They've discovered that eating their boogers makes me very upset," he continues. "They discovered that if they ask me enough, I will give them Rice Krispies at night when they ask me the 100th time."

The actor has been playing Mr. Dad during the week while wife Romijn, 40, is in Canada for work, and the household may be a bit more chaotic as a result. "I was excited to get out of the house," he says of his night out. "The sitter came with her child so there were three crazy kids in my house, and I ran out as fast as I could. Even with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, my house is crazier than this premiere. This premiere is tame compared to what's going on at my house."

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His little tyrants, he says, are "yelling at me and telling me what to do. I've got to do their hair exactly right. I've got to braid. I can braid. I could braid your hair right now. I can't do a French braid -- I'm working on it."

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