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Jessica Simpson showed off her toned legs -- and bare midriff -- during a Saturday concert at SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday.

The singer hit the stage as part of the "Bud & BBQ" country-music series. She started off in a navy blue dress, but then changed into a pair of Daisy Duke denim short shorts.

"Going on stage now," Simpson, 28, posted on Twitter before performing. "Get ready for greatness, Shamu."

Afterwards, she posted: "Just overcame my fear of sharks by kissing a killer whale!"

Simpson came under fire after debuting a curvier figure at a Chili Cook Off concert in January. In April, she complained her trainer Mike Alexander was making her do squats.

"Every time we have to do squats, and he yells at me, 'Get lower like you're in the club!'" she wrote on Twitter. "I don't squat in the club unless I am peeing!"

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