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By Michelle Lanz

When Jessica first burst into popular consciousness, she was the talented, blond-haired beauty with a voice mature beyond her years. But the pop star/actress has since endured criticism about everything from her hair color to her weight to who she's seen with in public.

In the new issue of Life & Style, Jessica, 29, insists she's shrugging off the naysayers by revamping her workout routine with trainer Danny Msuico and looking forward to her new VH1 reality show "The Price Of Beauty." Life & Style recently caught up with Jessica during a recent press conference for the show to find out how the experience has changed her life for the better.

On how "The Price Of Beauty" has changed how she views herself:

"Going around the world and seeing all of these incredibly courageous women really inspired all of us to find the best within ourselves. Now I walk around with so much more pride in who I am as a woman, as a person. We all just discovered so much about what life really, really is and what beauty actually means."

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On whether the journey cleared up any misconceptions:

"Originally I thought of a Moroccan woman living a repressed life, but after sitting and talking with these women, they're speaking to you through their eyes. Their souls were just so intense and so beautiful. And, you know, it was all about their peace within and not what they look like on the outside. It's really about your eyes being the window to your soul and who you are."

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On how the show has changed her life:

"It changed me completely, because I haven't always had an inner confidence and I haven't always looked at my reflection and loved it. There's always something I wanted to fix because there's always somebody that looks better. That's what we always try to compare ourselves to. So I think the journey really was finding what was beautiful inside of me and knowing that I own it and, you know, it's unique and rare. If you watch the show, you'll definitely see my life change."

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On whether this an adventure she plans to continue:

"Hopefully there's a season two and we can travel even more of the world and discover more. I've always felt a calling to be a very positive light and positive role model for girls, for women, for the world. This show is my heart."

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Trainer Danny Musico on Jessica's fitness routine:

"She said the other day that she could already see her legs changing. She's doing everything from jumping rope to lifting weights to running sprints to hitting the heavy bag."