The Duggar clan just can't seem to catch a break!

Jill Duggar Dillar and husband Derick Dillard are now offering refunds to individuals who donated money to their mission trip to El Salvador, which some critics have labled a glorified family vacation.

According to In Touch magazine, they've added a "request a refund" option to their website's donation page.

The duo, who tied the knot in June 2014 and left for South America in early July, solicit donations through Jill's family's Dillard Family Ministries, which is tax-exempt.

They drew heat in early September when they appeared to be taking too many breaks from their volunteer work. The new parents raised eyebrows when they traveled back to the United States twice between July and September, first to attend the wedding of Jill's cousin, Amy Duggar, in Bentonville, Arkansas, and then to attend the wedding of "Bringing Up Bates" stars Michaela Bates and Brandon Keilen in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Their donors have since questioned why the couple, who are active on social media, were not chronicling their mission work on their Instagram pages.

"Jill, how did you spend my donation for your mission trip?" asked one donor on Facebook. "Where are the pictures of the hospital, schools and bible studies you helped with? Can you post them so I can show everyone why I donated to your cause?"

"So what exactly are you doing to help people in El Salvador? Your donors would like a detailed statement of what their money is being used for," chimed in another donor. "As far as I can see, all you guys are doing is going to Spanish class and making fun of the locals. Oh, I forgot. You also did that stupid interpretive dance thing. Have you done anything worthwhile to actually help people, or are you just there to convert Catholics?"

In Touch previously reported that even Jill and Derick's own church declined to endorse them as missionaries because their work in El Salvador was not significant enough to qualify.

Derick addressed the controversy on their family blog in September: "Jill, Israel, and I recently arrived back in the States for a planned, month long trip to take care of some things and enjoy time with family and friends while we're here, before heading back to Central America," he explained.

In an Aug. 31 post, Jill explained how they were able to attend Michaella Bates' wedding: "When we were first invited to our friend, Michaella Bates', wedding we didn't think we were going to be able to make it. But once we realized that we needed to make a trip back to the States to do some filming for the upcoming TLC documentary, we were thrilled that the dates coincided with that of the wedding!' she wrote. "We were able to make the stop in Tennessee on our way back here to Central America!"

Jill and sister Jessa Duggar Seewald are set to return to television in two or more TLC specials later this year.