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People have the wrong impression of the Duggar family, so says Jill Duggar Dillard, one of the victims in her brother's molestation scandal.

"Some people, I've heard them say, you know, 'You're hypocrites.' Well, if you go back and look at everything people have seen in our lives…we've never claimed to be a perfect family," Jill told Fox News' Megyn Kelly in a clip from an upcoming interview. "My parents have always actually stated…we are not a perfect family. We are just a family."

Jessa Duggar Seewald, another one of Josh Duggar's victims, added, "With challenges and struggles just like anybody else."

But, despite the fact that the girls admit to being victims of their brothers, both Jill and Jessa said they have "forgiven" him.

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The entire Duggar family has been under attack ever since a tabloid report was released last month claiming Josh molested several girls while he was 14 years old -- his victims included several sisters and a family friend, who was later revealed to be a babysitter. Several days after the report went public, Josh admitted to "wrongdoing."

The fallout has been swift -- a gaggle of companies have pulled their ads from the family's "19 Kids and Counting" reality show, and TLC has pulled the show indefinitely.

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Finally, after more police records were released by the tabloid, one that even indicated that Josh's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, "covered up" the crimes for over a year, the family decided to speak on the issue. Some see it as a Hail Mary to try to get their realty show back on the air.

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In the first part of the Fox News interview, Michelle made a eyebrow-raising statement claiming that her daughters have been victimized more by the media than by Josh.

In the second part of the Fox News interview, set to air June 5, the girls said they wanted to come forward to correct the "lies."

"As victims we have to come out and speak. This is something we chose," Jill said. "Nobody asked us to do this. Jessa and I were talking and we're like, 'Oh my goodness! Most of the stuff out there is lies — it's not truth.' So for truth's sake, we want to come out and set the record straight."

Jessa even defends her brother and the man he's become.

"It's right to say, 'Here's what I believe, here's my values,' even if you've made stupid mistakes or failures," she said. "If you've had failures in your past it doesn't mean you can't be changed. I think that's where, I think the real issue is people are making this sound like it happened yesterday."