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Matt Sayles / Invision/AP 1 / 6

By Dana Flax

Known for playing a spectrum of spastic characters, Jim Carrey definitely has the goofy shtick down pat. But what is the man inside those elastic limbs really like? Parade recently sat him down for a little real talk; read on for some highlights from the interview, and then check out for the rest of the coverage.

Life, for Jim Carrey, is all about smooth-sailing (and easy riding):

"I'm at a very manic level when I'm working, but when I'm home I try to have a very peaceful world and live a healthy life. I have my spirituality. I have my motorcycles. I have a lot of different things in my life that bring me a lot of peace."

Oscar snubs? Eh. But that gnarly toothpaste cap? He'll go all "Hulk" on that:

"I get upset about controlling little things. Huge things I can let go of. I don't sweat my career, but when I have to deal with the cap on the toothpaste that doesn't go my way, look out! That's when my angst comes out. It's the stupid little things like the stereo not working."

Hey, if he actually gets an Oscar, we might never see "Fire Marshall Bill: The Movie":

"What's important to me is the long haul. It's a strange thing, but sometimes I think that God is somehow fashioning my life so that I stay interested and stay hungry."

So what if "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" was a flop? You can't put a price tag on high art, folks:

"I would never qualify or quantify any project or piece of art. Van Gogh didn't sell a painting while he was alive. If a movie makes everybody a gajillion dollars, great, I'm happy — everybody hits the jackpot and that's a wonderful thing. But, God, if you start doing it because of that or second-guess what that's about, then you become so boring as an artist. I'd rather face financial failure."

Next stop: Blue Collar Comedy Tour?:

"I feel like I could be working in a factory where I kind of started out loading trucks. Honestly, I don't have any perspective on it. It's just kind of one thing to the next. It's trying to do work and trying to have fun with what's in front of me. I have to go to that place of, 'I'm gonna try to enjoy every person who's in front of me in that moment, and try and live that way.' "


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