Paola Kudacki / GQ 1 / 3
Paola Kudacki / GQ 1 / 3

By Dana Flax

With two hit television shows ("Community" and "The Soup," natch) and a part in the film "The Informant!," Joel McHale has already made it into comedy heaven. So how does he reconcile the fact that he's a celebrity now ... kind of like the ones he makes fun of on TV? GQ interviewed Joel for their November issue (on stands now), so read on for the excerpts below (including one about a Ryan Seacrest-performed bris, no joke) and then see the rest of the content -- including some snazzy winter suits -- on now.

On his predetermined comedy career destiny:

"This is very Catholic of me, but it's all gonna end."

His "Informant!" director Steven Soderbergh, um, probably knew him from "The Soup." Maybe?:

"I don't think he knew who I was. When we were waiting to hear, my agent sent me an e-mail: 'Light a candle.'"

On the U.S.'s carbohydrate capital, Decatur, Ill. (where he filmed "The Informant"):

"The whole place smells like breakfast cereal because of the processing at ADM. There's an enormous lake. People say it's toxic. They have signs like: 'Come to the Lakefront Restaurant. Do Not Touch the Water.' But the town is cute!"

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His "Community" co-star Chevy Chase may know Hollywood royalty, but Joel knows that first mean reality show chick:

"He has better stories than anybody. He'll be like, 'When I was playing pool with Paul Newman ...' And I'm like, 'Well, Chase, I shot a commercial with Omarosa from "The Apprentice." Top that!'"

On why Ryan Seacrest makes the perfect butt-of-the-joke (if you needed any clarification):

"Because he's the face of E! He has a pile of money that goes up to Jupiter. And he has all of the other jobs available in Hollywood. He's performing a bris this weekend in Brentwood."


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