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Get it straight: John Mayer didn't smooch another guy at a gay club.

The singer, 31, took to his Twitter page to clarify rumors.

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"Rumor check: went to gay bar in Palm Springs, yes. Had a blast. Danced my face off," he began. "Someone there planted a kiss on me? No."

Mayer, who once locked lips with celeb blogger Perez Hilton, then added, "I don't like the story painting gays as unable to control themselves. Found the crowd even more respectful than in a straight club."

"You know who the most flamboyant crowd is? Straight, drunk girls. They're like a bunch of little Charles Nelson Reillys."

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The new Us Weekly magazine reports that the singer has gotten back together with Jennifer Aniston, with whom he first split in August 2008 only to reunite months later. They called it quits (again) this past March.

But this time, "he really got to her, and she's hooked on him," a source tells the new Us Weekly. "She just can't let go."

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For all the juicy details of Aniston and Mayer's secret meetups, why their friends don't approve of their reconciliation and whether they'll last this time, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly today.

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