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By Michelle Lanz

John Mayer, a troublemaker? It can't be!

OK! magazine reports that soft-voiced crooner John Mayer was called a "bad influence" by his friend Rob Dyrdek's mother after the pair pulled a prank on the paparazzi back in June.

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If you're an avid celeb news reader, you'll remember back when paparazzi caught Mayer carrying a supposedly inebriated Dyrdek out of a Hollywood club. As much fun as it would be if he were actually wasted, the whole thing was a big prank the pair decided to pull on the swarm of flashing paparazzi cameras.

"My mother was so disappointed," Dyrdek told OK!

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Looks like Dyrdek's mom can't take a joke, or at least not one publicly broadcast in the tabloids.

"My mom knows that the paparazzi ain't chasing me, and that me going out with him and acting like I was drunk -- like he influenced me to be the guy getting carried out of the club," Dyrdek told OK! "She was like, 'John, how come you didn't get carried out of a club?'"

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She has a point. Why wasn't it Mayer playing the drunken fool? It would have been a much better prank, and surely would have had more of an impact. Um, duh.

We're sure Mayer had to pull all 6'3" of his Connecticut charm to get back on Mama Dyrdek's good graces.

She couldn't stay mad at him for long, right? I mean, look at that face. *Le sigh.*