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Has John Mayer been bitten on the butt by karma? The crooner, 31, who once gave an indiscreet curbside press conference about dumping Jennifer Aniston, supposedly ditched cocktail waitress-cum-aspiring actress Scheana Marie, 23, after he became her favorite topic of conversation.

Although Marie has told media outlets that Mayer is a friend, not her boyfriend, the implication has been that there's more than just chumminess going on (case in point: she's mentioned his "really nice lips"). Now, John's pals are putting the kibosh on her claims by downplaying their connection.

"They're no longer in contact," a buddy tells E! News. "She's been exaggerating her interactions with him."

One of those exaggerations apparently centers on Marie's recent chat with People magazine, during which she called Mayer a "great guy" who's "funny and sweet."

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According to the E! source, the two were no longer in communication when the interview took place.

And we're gonna go out on a limb and speculate that another embellishment may involve the purported close encounter she had with Aniston a year or so ago at Mayer's birthday party. In a gabby on-camera sit-down with, Marie recalls how she worked the bash and had the privilege of escorting Jen to the bathroom.

"She told me how pretty I was," the brunette chatterbox bubbles in the interview, which was so grating even Katy Perry labeled it a "fail" on her blog. "She was sooo sweet."

As for John, she says they're "hanging out," enthusing, "I love his personality. I just love that he's funny He can be, like, a dork."

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But another Mayer confidant scoffs at her gushing, telling the New York Daily News: "Scheana's delusional. John's laughed off all of this."

The paper says Marie attended a Los Angeles shindig over the weekend and was supposedly overheard telling a friend that she was "quite nervous that John hasn't texted or called."

Contributing to her anxiety was a tarot card reading she had done at the soiree. Seems the psychic sensed some problems with her recent romantic choices.

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"She assumed the psychic meant about her spilling the beans on John," says the snitch. Another insider adds that Scheana "just wants to make sure John knows that she really cares about him and is not using this media attention to further her career."

But Mayer, who declared his single status last week, appears to be moving on.

"He goes on dates," his buddy tells E! News, "and he's looking for love like everybody else."

But is he looking for love in all the wrong places? Mayer hit Las Vegas this weekend with several chums and, after taking in Cirque du Soleil's Beatles-fueled "LOVE" (he gamely posed for pics with the cast backstage), stopped by skin emporium the Spearmint Rhino for some intellectual discourse.

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"Talking Descartes Law with a couple of pole dancers," he Twittered of his high-brow pursuits. "People are pretty smart if you give them the time."

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