Jon and Kate Gosselin made their first public appearance together in two weeks -- for TV cameras.

The couple celebrated their sextuplet's fifth birthday by throwing a party at the Blue Falls Grove water park in Pennsylvania Sunday. Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel played with their older sisters, twins Mady and Cara, and a few pals as a crew caught it all on film.

(The celebration was a week late: Kate spent the afternoon of the sextuplets' actual birthday -- Mother's Day -- at a tanning salon instead of with her kids.)

Jon and Kate hardly interacted at all, according to an eyewitness. Jon took time to chat with Steve Neild, the bodyguard his wife became so close to, he once considered hiring a private investigator, as the newest issue of Us Weekly reports.

The couple left in separate cars.

Jon and Kate haven't been spotted together since the Pennsylvania Women's Show on May 2.

"Six month ago, Kate came to Jon and said, 'Hey, it's over," Kate's brother, Kevin Krieder told last week.

For much more on Kate and her bodyguard's "inseparable" relationship, what people in her town say she's really like as a mom, how much money is at stake for the Gosselins, and how Jon is handling the pressure, pick up the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.