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By Dana Flax, reporting by Robbie Sokolowsky

Last night Wonderwall put on its snow boots and cornered Jon Hamm and James Franco at the Bing Bar for their Sundance premiere of the new film, "Howl." In "Howl," Franco plays legendary beat poet Allen Ginsberg, whom he referred to as "a part of me," thanks to his San Francisco suburbs upbringing. "[The beat poets] were the guys I was reading when I started to get serious about reading, so he does have a place in my heart," the bookish grad student told us.

Read on to see what an, um, hammy Jon Hamm had to say to about wearing suits 24/7 and slicking his hair back with airplane food (?) in this exclusive interview with the Golden Globe winning "Mad Men" star.

Wonderwall: You play a lawyer in "Howl," an ad exec on "Mad Men." Do you always have to wear a suit?

Jon Hamm: "In 'Howl,' my character is actually based on a real person who looks nothing like me, so there is a little bit of wiggle room in that. But I do like wearing nice suits, I'll be honest."

WW: Did you wear a suit while you were doing voiceover for the upcoming "Shrek Forever After" movie?

JH: "Yes I did; I wore a three-piece!"

WW: What do you put in your hair?

JH: "What *don't* I put in my hair? At the moment there is probably some snow, leftover food from the airplane and God knows what else."

WW: And is the beard just a seasonal thing?

JH: "Yeah, I haven't been working for for the last 6 weeks or so, so I decided I would just let nature take its course."

WW: How did you get the "Howl" gig?

JH: "I read the script and they asked me to be in it. I found out who else was involved and I thought it was interesting -- not like other scripts out there. They're integrating a lot of different ways of telling stories in this movie."

WW: When did you first read Ginsberg's writing?

JH: "Probably in high school. We had to read all the beat poets, and I ate it up."

WW: Diesel is sponsoring this party, and their new campaign is "Be Stupid." If I asked you to "be stupid" right now, what would you do?

JH: "I would probably just live my life the way I live it day to day. Fairly stupid."

WW: Any secrets to the upcoming season of "Mad Men"?

JH: "I wish I knew; I don't think they exist yet. They are starting in the writers room in about a week and a half, so I'll find out when you find out."

Oh, Jon, way to play it cool. On second thought, I guess that's what they pay you the big bucks for.

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