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The information we are about to reveal will change your lives forever. Nothing will ever be the same once you know. Your hopes, your dreams, your wishes, the inner soundtrack to your life - they're all wrapped up in three sweet words. Words you could, and probably do, say in your sleep.

Up until now, everybody thought those be-all-end-all words were Nick, Kevin and Joe. But we were wrong.

Today, the Jonas Brothers told "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" their big secret. Are you ready for this? They have nicknames! OMG! Check 'em out:

Nick Jonas = "Mr. President"

Kevin = "K2"

Joe = "Danger"

How awesome are those nicknames!?! So tough! Here's how we imagine them hanging out together on their tour bus:

JOE: Mr. President, K2 and I think we need to stop for food and supplies immediately.

NICK: We can't right now, Danger. It's too dangerous. Do you see all the hordes of tween girlfans surrounding that McDonald's? We'd never make it inside.

KEVIN: I can handle it, Mr. President. This is definitely a mission for K2. Give me 5 minutes and I'll be back on board the bus with a bag full of McNuggets!

NICK: You can't go it alone, K2. Not this time. If one of us dies, all of us are going out together. Jonas Brothers, to me!

(The guys huddle together.)

NICK. It's McNuggets or die, gentlemen. No regrets.

KEVIN & JOE: Yes, Mr. President!

JOE: Besides, Danger is my first name.


The Jonas Bros were also immortalized this week in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Check out their wax statues in the gallery.