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Since May, Josh Duggar has admitted to molesting five girls, including two of his sisters; he's admitted to having a pornography addiction; he's also admitted to cheating on his wife and mother to his four children, Anna Duggar.

Think he's sorry? Think again.

A source tells ET that Josh has "no remorse" about his actions. "He is not the person everyone thought they knew," the source said.

Since Josh's infidelity was discovered after it was found that he had multiple accounts on the cheating website AshleyMadison.com, his family has further realized that he had multiple social media profiles on Facebook and OkCupid. At this point, the devoutly conservative realty TV family is simply waiting for the other shoe to drop, as they wouldn't be surprised if multiple mistresses began coming forward.

"It's all so sad, and at this point," a source previously said, "who knows what else will come to light."

Josh's under-the-radar cheating was made easier because of his job as a lobbyist for the conservative Family Research Counsel in Washington, D.C. His duties required him to travel frequently.

"Anna didn't check up on Josh because she trusted him," the source says. "When she found out about the cheating, she just cried."

Thus far, one woman has come forward with claims that she had sex with Josh. Porn star Danica Dillon has alleged that Josh paid her to have sex with him twice, and that during one of those times, he was "violent."

In speaking to ET, she said that during their sexual encounters, Josh "did not bring [his family] up once."

Shortly after the cheating allegations came to light, Josh checked into rehab, where he is reportedly still at. He has missed several family functions, including his cousin Amy's wedding over Labor Day weekend. However, the dark cloud he has created still somewhat hovered over the celebratory event.

Amy Duggar's new husband, Dillon King, said he's been approached by strangers on Twitter about possible accounts operated by Josh. "I have random people contacting me asking me about multiple Twitter accounts and whether they're Josh's," he says. "When I look, these accounts are full of tweets about porn." Dillon has previously said that he hopes Anna will leave Josh.

It's widely believed that Anna will continue to stick by her embattled husband's side, although some members of her family are urging her otherwise.

Prior to attending Amy's nuptials, the Duggar family attended a church sermon where the topic of pornography was discussed. "Pornography is a secret sin," Pastor Jeff Crawford told the congregation Sunday morning. "I know there are some folks in here today -- pornography is a deal in your life..."

He later added, "We're for healing. We're for forgiveness. There is no judgment here."