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On May 20, an explosive report by In Touch claimed that Josh Duggar, of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" was named an "alleged offender" in an underage sex probe in 2005. It turns out, there may be more victims, including his sisters.

A heavily-redacted police report lists Josh as the alleged molester against five girls starting in 2002.

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According to the police report obtained by both In Touch and TMZ, Josh, who was around 14 at the time, fondled the genitals and breasts of the girls, some of whom were sleeping. In one reported case the girl was interacting with him.

Another incident was reported nine months later. Josh even admitted the crimes to his father, Jim Bob Duggar, but authorities weren't alerted for a year. In fact, police only caught wind of the allegations after others, including the "Oprah" show, started alerting authorities to the crimes.

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Rather than reporting the crime in the mid 2000s, Josh's father, the police report said, met with others in his church and decided to put Josh in a treatment program, although the program wasn't dedicated to sex offenders.

The statute of limitations has run out on all of the cases, so Josh can no longer be punished criminally.

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Within the 33-page police report is a story that references the family's 2006 appearance on "Oprah." Before the show, someone sent an email to Harpo, the show's production company, warning that Josh had molested girls. Harpo forwarded the email to a hotline, which triggered a police investigation.

How did this person know about the alleged crimes? Oddly, according to the police report, someone had written a letter about the crimes and stuffed the letter in a book. The book was later lent out to a member of the family's church, and the letter was found. The finder of the letter alerted Oprah's production company. Jim Bob and his wife refused to identify who wrote the letter.

TMZ said a source connected with "19 Kids and Counting" says no decision has been made on what, if anything, the network will do.