Well, this is a side of Jude Law that hasn't been seen by the general public before! The British actor, 40, goes full monty for his new film Dom Hemingway, offering a clear shot of his derriere. And if it looks a bit fuller than imagined, that's because he gained 30 pounds for his role as a sleazy, foul-mouthed ex-con.

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According to The Telegraph, Law revealed at the Toronto Film Festival the secret to his weight gain: sugar. A ton of it. "It was a lot of everything, but two key ingredients -- ice cream, two or three tubs a day, and a lot of fizzy drinks, 12 cans a day," the actor shared at the time.

Law, last seen on-screen in Side Effects, looks nearly unrecognizable in his role as a gangster who returns to his life of trashy excess after spending 12 years in jail on behalf of his former boss. Besides the extra pounds, the normally slim and dapper Brit sports muttonchops and bad dentistry.

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Don't feel too bad for the playboy, though, advised his costar Richard E. Grant. (The movie also costars Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke, who plays Law's daughter.) "I feel sorry for Jude because even after gaining 30 pounds he still looks like a walking love god," he said at the film festival. "And wherever we were on location, women's knees were literally wobbling, so he seems immune no matter what he looks like. Whereas the rest of us have to scrub up to try and be vaguely attractive to the opposite sex. Not Jude!"

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Dom Hemingway premieres in the U.K. In November and in the U.S. in spring 2014.Watch the trailer and tell Us: Do you want to see Jude Law's new movie?

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