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Dame Judi Dench forced herself to recover quickly from a recent knee replacement operation so she could attend the premiere of her new movie "Philomena."

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The 78-year-old "Bond" star underwent the drastic surgery last month after suffering chronic pain for several years, but only gave herself six weeks to walk the red carpet at the London screening without the help of a cane.

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She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "The scar's from here to here, there to there. I have a completely new knee now. It's brilliant.

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"When I had it done on September 6, I said to my surgeon 'On October 16 I will walk up a red carpet unaided', and so I did. You set your mind to a goal and go for it."

And the feisty veteran star has no plans to ever retire from acting, insisting the word is banned in her house.

She adds, "I'm not feeling my age at all. I am about 43, a tall willowy blonde 43-year-old with long legs. I don't want to slow down at all. We don't say the word retirement in our house. Old and retired are totally banned. Energy keeps me going.

"We (actors) are in the minority of people who are doing a job we chose to do and can make a living at. Why aren't we running to work every day?"