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The "winners" of Wonderwall's first ever poorly-executed-attempt-at-charitable-goodwill award goes to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher for their line of blinged-out handcuff necklaces, currently being sold to benefit awareness of -- wait for it -- child sex slavery.

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As reported by Luxist, the necklaces are the product of Ashton and Demi's collaboration with jeweler Jack Vartanian and (for some strange reason) were created specifically for Valentine's Day. Retail prices of the gold and diamond necklaces range from $710 to $2,140, and half the proceeds will go to the Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation, which advocates for the elimination of child sex trafficking.

We hate to point out the fault of a charitable organization, but how is it possible that no one's red flag-o-meter went off at the idea of using a symbol of bondage to raise awareness for a cause where forced bondage is often involved?

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Anything would be better: a dove to symbolize hope, a heart to symbolize care, a butterfly to symbolize new life. Basically anything would be better than a symbol of entrapment.

Would someone sell gold and diamond-studded baseball bats to raise awareness for domestic abuse? Or jewel-encrusted syringes to raise money for anti-drug awareness? It just doesn't make sense.

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Demi Moore recently responded to criticism telling the New York Daily News that the symbol is not offensive to victims of sex trafficking: "(The necklace) symbolizes the bond of love and the importance of freedom."

No offense to Mrs. Kutcher, but did she happen to ask any victims of child sex trafficking what handcuffs mean to them? I think it's safe to assume that their first response would not be "freedom."