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By Melissa Hunter

There are (or were) few couples that rivaled the nerdorable duo Michael Cera and Charlene Yi. Not only are they hilarious and talented, but are both famed for playing the awkward boy and/or girl. And then they go and make a faux documentary called "Paper Heart" where Michael spends the movie proving to Charlene that love is real. Ugh, cute overload.

And now Michael has ripped our collective paper hearts into shreds by reportedly dumping Charlene a few weeks before the release. Now they have weeks of press to do side-by-side talking about love. And here I thought having your ex in your Facebook newsfeed was torture.

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Now granted, this is just a rumor. This is coming from our chum, the "Star insider" so take this with a grain of crap when s/he says, "He's been with her since before he was superfamous, and now all these girls fawn over him. He's itching to date other people."

Surely there are legions of "Juno"-loving chicks vying for Michael's affections, but this Michael Cera, the nice guy. This is the guy who could never get a girl. This is George-Michael Bluth for cryin' out loud. But I guess in the age of Apatow, where the awkward boy inevitably lands the hot girl, we all knew this couldn't have lasted too long.

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I can't decide however if this report is A) heartbreaking and really awkward timing considering the premise of the movie or B) a ploy to promote the movie. I don't really know whether this report hurts or helps the movie. But as a fake documentary about love starring a real couple, a fake or real break up surely adds to the buzz. In any case, the levels of reality and fiction are making my head hurt.

We hope these reports aren't true. Please don't do this to us, Michael. We would really like to avoid seeing you canoodling with Audrina Partridge at MyHouse any time soon.