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By Melissa Hunter

MTV is complaining that Kristin Cavallari is being too real. You know, that's always been my complaint with her, too.

Cavallari, who replaced Lauren Conrad as the lead and narrator of the oh-so-real-ity series "The Hills," is "dating" her co-star Justin Bobby on the show. Turns out, when the cameras are off, she's been seeing someone else, which is not cool with the producers. Come on, MTV, who could ACTUALLY take a guy named Justin Bobby seriously? His middle name is a nickname, for crying out loud.

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But what's the problem, exactly? Conrad had an off-screen boyfriend.

Well, Kristin is reportedly dating Sonny Smith who is the former editor of 944 magazine and has been for around six months. You mean she didn't break off a romance for the show? Did the execs forget to include the no-free-will clause in her contract? That's just sloppy, MTV lawyers.

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Still, I won't bully MTV too much. They do pay the girl $100K an episode. Let me rephrase that. They pay her $100,000 to record her shopping on Robertson, eating lettuce at Urth Cafe, and shooting daggers at Speidi at MyHouse. Rinse. Repeat. So surely having them cast your boyfriend isn't the END of the world.

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And true reality star sign over their soul to the cable gods. Take a lead from the Kardashians, Kristen: they get married and knocked up all for the sake of trashy TV. Now THAT'S commitment to performance art.