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By Melissa Hunter

You know what people love? Hot chicks in bikinis. You know what people also love? Hot pregnant chicks. So the innovative minds over at In Touch Weekly pushed the envelope with this groundbreaking cover photo of a hot pregnant chick in a bikini!

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Ex-Playboy bunny, ex-girlfriend of Hef, and current famewhore Kendra Wilkinson opens up about her pregnancy (yet again) with the rag, and talks about the usual hot button celebrity pregnancy issues: gaining weight, food cravings, and sex life.

On her weight gain while casually plugging her enviable previous weight:

I've gained 40 pounds. I still have a month-and-a-half to go. I was 110 or 115 and now weigh 150...

On pregnancy aiding in her butt-shaping:

There are things I love about [the weight gain]. I love that my hips are growing, even though it hurts. I want that butt and am starting to get it, so I'm excited."

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On her future son being exactly like Hank and completely himself (and potentially schizophrenic):

"The best role model in the whole world! I am so happy we're having a boy first because I am excited to see the relationship between little Hank and Hank. I want him to be himself, but also have the same characteristics as Hank."

On giving you TMI even when you thought you already had it:

"Yes, it's changed our sex life — for the worse [laughs]. I am a wild girl in bed and I can't really be that wild anymore because I have limits now. I have 40 extra pounds in my belly, so I get tired easily. But no, of course, it's still great. I have a great man in bed, he definitely knows how to please me. But, yeah, we'll be better after when we have more energy!"

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On her husband loving her unconditionally now that she's knocked up (super awesome message):

"The greatest thing is probably just feeling like a queen. Everybody does everything for me. And Hank is always just giving me unconditional love -- that different type of love that I've never felt before."

Tune in for the next Kendra In Touch cover in two months when she reveals her secrets to losing the baby weight instantly! (i.e. neglecting her newborn baby.)