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By Melissa Hunter

Aaron Carter now may be known as Karina Smirnoff's dancing partner on "Dancing with the Stars," but back in the day he was the Tiger Beat cover-guy du jour. He had a teen romance with then "Lizzie McGuire" star Hilary Duff, which got much more dramatic when a precocious teenager named Lindsay Lohan entered the love triangle. Aww, even at 16, LiLo was a teenybopper hot mess.

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So now that he's a man of 22, and beyond such teen tabloid trivialities, teen tabloid M Magazine interviews him about his love life. He says, "My feelings never died for Hilary. I still love her even now. To this day, my only experience with love was with Hilary, and I'm 22 years old."

Aww, that would be really cute if it weren't creepy and vaguely stalker-ish.

The hardest part for him has been seeing Hilary dating other guys. She's been dating and she's only seven years out of the relationship? What a hussy. He says, "When I first saw Hilary dating again, I was heartbroken. I loved her. I wanted to be the only one who kissed her, but made a very bad mistake," he divulges as if it's still relevant. "I got in a love triangle with her and Lindsay Lohan. But I don't even want to consider it a love triangle, because I never loved Lindsay."

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I do feel for the kid. He was the guy who taught everyone the valuable lesson we all know today: Never, EVER get into a love triangle, love trapezoid, or any other love geometric shape with Lindsay Lohan.

Now, Carter has learned that it's time to let go. And the only real way to do that, is to write a song entitled "Let Go" to try to get over Hilary and/or milk people's celebrity gossip nostalgia. (It's a two birds, one stone situation, really.)

He elucidates the otherwise opaque lyrics of his song, saying, "If you listen to the lyrics, 'I used to love a girl... sometimes I think I still do,' you can definitely tell that I'm referring to Hilary."

Are we all caught up to speed here, guys? This is about Hilary. Hilary Duff. Hilary Duff, the actress.

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He continues, "I felt like I needed to write a song that helped me to let go. I have to, because she let go. It's time to move forward."

It was time many years ago, but you can't blame a guy for being a hopeless romantic. Or just hopeless. Unclear.