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By Dana Flax

For the last few weeks, we've all had to endure wince-inducing pictures of the "Sex and the City" cast on set in New York City, dolled up in various unsightly '80s garb (and believe me, the '80s just don't suit SJP the way they once did). So just what other garish and taste-questioning surprises might the Pinktini-swilling old gal pals have in store for us?

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Acknowledging that flashbacks are generally a tell-tale sign of a sub-prime movie plot (particularly in a sequel) the movie's not looking, well, fresh. It's as if they'll pull out all the stops to make sure that "SATC 2" generates a ton of ticket sales, despite how hollow and pandering it makes the film itself.

Well, according to our friends over at Gossip Cop, the latest pandering move has been in hiring tweenybopper Miley Cyrus for a walk-on role in the film. 'Cause 16-year-olds are so relevant.

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The current version of the script has Kim Cattrall's character Samantha purchasing the same dress as Miley, eliciting a predictably sassy comment from Charlotte's sassmachine gay boyfriend Anthony.

(Spoiler over!)

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Really, guys? Will Miley also join one of the signature girls' brunches to get tampon application tutorials? Or to comiserate about when diamond studs fall off of her cowboy hats?

As a self-professed lover of the "Sex and the City" TV show, I beg of you, bigwig producers, make like Miranda, and start beating some sense talk into yourselves (and the script). Stop messing with a good thing. Oh, and bring back Aidan. He was hot.