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By Melissa Hunter

Better get your Fox fill now, fellas, because as of Tuesday, Aug. 4, there will be an official Internet boycott of Megan Fox put into place. Well, official as in a few blogs won't be covering her for a day.

Apparently some Web sites (present company included) are getting fed up with the antics of the overexposed, under-clothed actress who feeds the press outrageous sound bites like it's her job. Okay, actually, that's exactly her job, but still, it's obnoxious.

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Asylum.com initiated the embargo and some other brave, dissident bloggers have come together in solidarity for this Fox boycott. Some classy names on the list include Whip It Out Comedy, AskMen, Double Viking, Just a Guy Thing, The Bachelor Guy, and a blog dedicated to boobs that I refuse to promote directly.

But don't a have panic attack about who to gawk at for the first 20 minutes of your Tuesday morning work day just yet. Many of the blogs are also trying to figure out who should be the NEXT Megan Fox and will probably be posting more pictures of hot girls than ever before.

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I was kind of hoping the idea behind the ban was to prove that we should be covering starlets who are not only hot, but smart, talented or passionate (or even all three!) and have something to offer besides a gallery of pictures where you can see various angles of cleavage.

But I guess that's reaching too far. While we're not officially joining the ban, we'd like to counter it by posting pictures of really stupidly hot, half-naked dudes. Doesn't matter if they're famous or anything. Just as long as they're totally ripped and have an IQ under 60. Stay tuned, ladies.