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By Melissa Hunter

I have to hand it to Megan Fox. Most celebrities shy away from hot button issues or topics the media has beaten to death. They're trained to give their rehearsed answers to loaded questions, divert the question while simultaneously plugging their new movie, and find ways to gracefully avoid sounding too vain or moronic. But not our Megan.

In her latest interview with, she talks about the usual stuff ... being hot, nudity, "Transformers," and the Internet.

On emasculating her costar:

"I never was afraid of any of the explosions, although some of them get your adrenaline going because you know that they're not safe--no matter what everyone tells you. But I was much more brave than Shia was."

Aww, well in Shia's defense, when you're poked and prodded with flat irons, tweezers, and plastic surgeon scalpels, little will frighten you.

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On definitely not doing nudity in films. Definitely. Kinda. Maybe. Only if it's super good:

"I haven't even thought about doing nudity in films, but I'm gonna say that I'm leaning towards 'no,' as of right now. I can't speak for the future. People change. It can be beautiful. And it can have a great impact. And it can win you an Oscar. I mean, not the nudity itself, but the role."

Oh, so THAT'S why Kate Winslet won the Oscar. Her nipples were just so honest and transformational. Incidentally, Kate Winslet did once explain (on the British show "Extras") how to win an Oscar. Take note, Meg.

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On not talking smack:

"I like to cut through the BS. I don't like small talk and I don't like to have to be a cookie cutter. That's a quality I started to develop as a kid in middle school. You know how everybody goes into cliques and you all talk behind everyone's back? I thought it was so ignorant."

Ignorant? Hmm, maybe not the best word choice, but I'll give her some credit, as it's not necessarily the INcorrect word to use. She's probably heard the term floating around after she said, "I turned into a really butch bull dyke for, like, six months" in the British GQ last month.

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On not bothering with things like the Internet:

"They look at all that stuff on the Web about me and I'm like, 'Guys, you gotta get off there. Who knows what you're gonna see?' I certainly don't go there."

Is the "there" she's referring to the World Wide Web? Or is there a site that amasses all of Megan's hate mail? Unclear, but judging from her complete lack of self-awareness, we're guessing the last time she signed on, it was through this super quick new thing called dial-up.