Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez just can't quit each other. And after seeing the vacation they went on together, why would they want to!

Escaping to the Caribbean island of St. Martin for the weekend, the off-again and on-again couple shared their trip to paradise the only way they know how, via social media. As has been the case in the past, though, they didn't appear together in any of the photos.

In one photo, Justin is seen shirtless, looking ripped, standing by a group of palm trees. In another captionless photo he posted of himself, the "Heartbreaker" singer is sitting on a boat in black shorts and sunglasses.

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Selena, for her part, posted a sun-kissed photo of herself in a bikini, her hair blowing in the wind. That photo also had no caption. The trip comes as the couple have been spending more time together in Canada and Las Vegas.

As the island trip was coming to a close, Justin posted a black-and-white image of himself standing on a ledge overlooking the ocean. In the caption, he more than hinted that new music was on the horizon.

"I've been on this break for too long. #newmusic #back2work #vacationtimesup #longoverdue," he said in his caption.

But, his vacation wasn't exactly over, as he and Selena presumably jetted off to Paris, per their Instagram accounts. Once there, though, did the couple separate?

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A video surfaced showing The Biebs actually having dinner with Kendall Jenner in Paris.

"They looked like old friends meeting up for dinner," a videographer told paparazzi agency X17, "but there was definitely a spark between them."

Which now begs the question: Are Justin and Selena on the outs again? One thing is likely, Selena won't be happy, especially after unfollowing the Jenner girls earlier this year on Instagram.

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