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Justin Bieber may well be on the road to rehabbing his image, but he still can't escape his past. In fact, in turns out, he's on Interpol's list of internationally wanted people, according to a report.

How's that for street cred!

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The "Girlfriend" singer was nearly arrested in Rome on April 29, stemming from an outstanding warrant in Argentina for failing to appear to face charges that he allegedly had a bodyguard beat up a photographer in 2013.

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TMZ reported that, not only is Justin on Interpol's list, but "there's a push to get him locked up in Rome, but it hasn't happened yet." Rumors circulated that Justin was taken in by Italian authorities, but those rumors are untrue. Justin is currently in Rome filming a scene for "Zoolander 2."

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"Authorities in Argentina have contacted Interpol," TMZ said. "[Justin's] legal team believes there's a grace period before cops bust him on the warrant...which was just issued earlier this month."

Somewhere James Bond is smiling. Belieb that!