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Thanks, but no thanks. Justin Bieber is not welcome in the Middle East — at least his new album cover isn't.

For the cover of "The Purpose," which comes out in five weeks, The Biebs is shirtless and has a crucifix tattoo across his chest. These are no-no's in the predominately Muslim regions of of several Middle East countries, including Indonesia, who, according to TMZ, has banned the album cover.

Because the artwork is being deemed "too provocative," Justin and his team are reportedly scrambling to put out an alternative cover that that region will accept. It's not clear what the alternative art will be, nor what the timetable is.

The album cover shows Justin in a praying stance. Over the weekend, he teased his nearly 41 million Instagram followers by released portions of the album cover one segment at a time. Finally, on Oct. 10, he revealed the album cover in its entirety. It now has over 1 million likes.