Justin Timberlake recalls the moment he convinced Beyonce Knowles to participate in the "Saturday Night Live" spoof of her music video "Single Ladies."

Timberlake tells CBS' Katie Couric he showed up at Beyonce's dressing room after hearing she was having second thoughts about the sketch, wearing only a robe covering a leotard, the Associated Press reports. He then dropped the robe and just stood there.

Justin says Beyonce's response was, "I can't look anywhere but your face right now."

In the sketch, Beyonce tries dancing with Timberlake and his two brothers but becomes annoyed with the boys by the end of the shoot. She decides not to use them for the video but agrees to dance with them for the fun of it.

Timberlake said his mother found the racier, Emmy award-winning, holiday sketch he did with "SNL" cast member Andy Samberg funny. "You gotta meet my mom," he said. "She's a pretty edgy chick!"

Timberlake's entire interview can be seen on Couric's pre-Grammy special airing on CBS next week.