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ZWAB / SCCB / WENN 1 / 11

Kanye West lashed out at the paparazzi again in the early hours of Friday in a clash with photographers camped outside his Los Angeles house.

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The rapper was arriving home at around 4 a.m. when he was confronted by snappers eager to quiz him about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel, who had poked fun at the star on TV earlier this week by spoofing an hourlong interview he recently gave to BBC radio.

West, who had embarked on a Twitter rant about the comedy sketch on Thursday, was not in the mood to talk to the paparazzi, and in video footage obtained by TMZ, he is seen blasting one shutterbug as "a bloodsucking mosquito" and a "bully," before lunging toward the camera.

However, West stopped himself before the argument became physical, and he is now reportedly seeking to press charges over the incident.

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West is no stranger to run-ins with the paparazzi: He is facing charges of battery and attempted grand theft relating to an altercation in July, when he was accused of trying to grab the camera out of photographer Daniel Ramos' hand and wrestling him to the ground at Los Angeles International Airport.

The rapper has hit back at the claims in court, insisting he reacted after fearing "his safety was in immediate danger."

If convicted, West could face a maximum of one year behind bars.

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