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Kate Gosselin is looking a little different these days.

The controversial reality-TV star stepped out over the weekend to take part in a family yard sale with longer locks and straighter hair than she's previously had. The yard sale also proved to be a short-lived reunion between her and ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

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For the outdoor yard sale in Wernersville, Penn., Kate wore very minimal makeup and looked slightly frustrated at one point as she was photographed beside her ex-husband, Us Weekly reported.

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A scruffy-looking Jon, for his part, was seen sifting through many of the family possessions that included books, car seats, clothes, appliances and helmets, among other things. Why exactly Jon attended the sale is unknown, though it's possible he was looking to sell a few items considering his recent financial setbacks.

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A portion of the proceeds from the sale were being donated to support a local animal shelter. After the sale, which the former couple's children helped run, Kate wrote a series of tweets thanking everyone who came out and clearing up rumors that she is broke, and thereby being forced to have the yard sale.

According to local radio station Y102 Reading, the "Gosselin Family Yard Sale" was filmed for an upcoming "Kate Plus 8" special that will air this December on TLC.