It's back.

A day after removing it, Kate Gosselin wore her wedding ring again Saturday while playing with her eight kids. At her family's $1.1 million home in Wernersville, Pa., she and the kids made hearts with Play-Doh. They also went to a playground, where she pushed her girls on a swing. On Sunday, she sported a Nike T-shirt that reflected her defiant attitude. The T-shirt read, "Try 2 Keep Up."

While Kate bonded with her brood, Jon hit the Hamptons with Lindsay Lohan's father Michael.

Despite the wild times - the two hit the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge and club Pink Elephant - Jon vowed that he wants to stay out of the headlines.

"It's crazy," he told "I don't want [8-year-old twins] Mady and Cara Googling me, and I have to explain [a photo] and lose that trust between my children. No, it's dumb. Or explain it to my ex, Kate. Or explain to anybody what's going on."


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