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Is Kate Hudson attracting admirers of the toxic bachelor variety? The actress, back on the market following her swing-and-a-miss romance with Alex Rodriguez, has supposedly caught the oft-lascivious eyes of both Gerard Butler and John Mayer.

Let's begin with the burly Scottish star, who apparently cast several appreciative glances Kate's way over Golden Globes weekend.

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Us Weekly says that, during a pre-awards shindig, he stopped by her table to serve up some sweet talk, telling her she was the most gorgeous woman in the room and complimenting her work (the subtle comedic nuances of "Bride Wars" and "Fool's Gold" must register more easily to the guy who starred in "The Ugly Truth" and "P.S. I Love You").

"He was really locked in on her," says a spy of their "30-minute flirt-fest." "Kate called Gerard from her phone so he would have her number stored!"

And, at the ceremony, Butler allegedly did more than just check out Jennifer Aniston's slit-to-there-black-gown-clad body (although it appears their much-photographed coziness was mostly done in promotion of their upcoming and unfunny-looking flick, "The Bounty Hunter").

According to Hollywood Life, the actor, who was recently spotted plying his charms on a topless dancer, was seen on the red carpet "ogling" Hudson's shapely tuchus, which was sheathed in a second-skin white Marchesa bridal-like gown.

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Gerry's rep, however, denies he was distracted by her derriere, and last anyone saw of him at the Globes, he was chatting up Zoe Saldana at the valet stand.

Meanwhile, In Touch claims that Kate, who is rumored to be back in touch with repeat ex Owen Wilson, is at the top of John Mayer's hottie wish list, and he has launched a full-court press to win her over.

Word is, the self-satisfied crooner scored Hudson's number from a mutual pal and has been trying to woo her with texts, calls and flowers.

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Here's hoping Mayer also sent her his new cautionary tale of a Rolling Stone cover story, which features him reclining shirtless (shudder) and bellyaching about the inherent difficulties of dating due to his immense fame.

"All I want to do now is [bleep] the girls I've already [bleeped]," he says of a club that presumably includes the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, "because I can't fathom explaining myself to somebody who can't believe I'd be interested in them, and they're going, 'But you're John Mayer!' So I'm going backwards to move forward. I'm too freaked out to meet anybody else."

That said, "I'll be happy when I close out this life-partner thing," he figures. "Think of how much mental capacity I'm using to meet the right person so I can stop giving a [bleep] about it."

(Plus, think of all the chlorine that will be saved when he's out of the dating pool.)

Hudson, however, may already have someone else in mind. A big-eared E! News operative apparently overheard her bubbling about a potential squeeze while brunching with galpals last weekend.

"He's a photographer," Kate is quoted as telling her friends, who included actress Sara Foster, as she shared pics on her BlackBerry.

The spy adds that "at one point, they burst out laughing and one said, 'Oh my God!'"

Of course, this could mean any number of things. Maybe Hudson was showing off pictures of a particularly annoying paparazzo. Or boasting about 6-year-old son Ryder's snapper aspirations.

But, conclusion-jumps the eyewitness, "She had a flirtatious smile on her face and looked really giddy."

As for Hudson's New York Yankees ex, he's getting in plenty of rest and relaxation these days, and he's not doing it alone. The New York Daily News spied A-Rod sunbathing with a "mystery" blonde on Wednesday while cruising on a yacht off the Miami coast.

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