@katehudson / Instagram 1 / 4
@katehudson / Instagram 1 / 4

So many feels! If you haven't listened to Adele's new single, "Hello," just be prepared to look a lot like Kate Hudson does in this Instagram post.

The actress took to Instagram on Oct. 23 to share the exact feelings we all had after listening to the new emotional song.

The photo was of the 36-year-old holding a pillow with tears coming down her face.

"When @adele puts out a new single... She's done it again! 💔😭🙌 #Hello #25 #SheHadMeAtHello," she said in the caption.

Adele released her first new track in three years, along with a touching video. The 27-year-old singer, who has been largely underground lately, also revealed a slimmed down figure.

Her full album titled, "25," will be out on Nov. 20. Her previous album, "21," was a "breakup record," Adele revealed on Twitter. But "25" is a "make-up record," she said.