Prince Harry's days are numbered. The redheaded royal will be the third in line to the throne for just a little bit longer now that sister-in-law Kate Middleton has gone into labor. Harry, who is currently third after father Prince Charles and older brother Prince William, will be bumped down to fourth in line for the throne upon the royal baby's arrival.

Should the royal baby be a girl, Harry will still be bumped down to fourth in line -- the royal bundle of joy will simply be considered third in line to be queen of England.

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Under previous British laws dating back to 1701, male heirs were given priority over female heirs and could essentially leapfrog over a female heir to claim the throne. In 2011, however, British Prime Minister David Cameron struck a deal with 15 other countries to void those laws.

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"If the birds and the bees were to deliver that blessing to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and indeed the nation, then that little girl would be covered by the provisions of these changes of the rules of succession because they operate from the time of the declaration of the Commonwealth summit last October," Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced last May.

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Currently, Prince Charles has waited more than 60 years to take the throne, making him the longest-waiting successor in all of British history.

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