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One final effort. Kate Moss and her husband of four years, rocker Jamie Hince, have been enveloped by divorce rumors of late, and a U.K. paper is claiming that the model is making one last ditch attempt to save the marriage.

Kate, the Mirror said, is planning to fly to Michigan to meet up with her husband as he tours with his band, The Kills. The meeting is being seen as a final attempt to repair their marriage, the paper reported.

"They are going to meet up to really see if all is lost. They still care for each other," a source told the publication. "Kate still wears her wedding ring and is desperate to see Jamie before his tour starts up again next month."

The couple has reportedly sent several fiery text messages to each other over the past month as whispers of a possible split began making the rounds.

"She is not going to take no for an answer, and Jamie still cares about her," the source said. "He knows they have a lot to sort out."

Jamie also still wears his wedding band.

Last week, Kate was actually seen with her ex, Jefferson Hack, whom she shares a daughter with. The meeting was strictly platonic, though, as the former couple has remained steadfast friends.

"Jefferson has been Kate's rock through all of this. He has been comforting her and helping her through her problems with Jamie," the source said. "She has really cut back on her partying, and desperately wants to see if she can make a go of it with Jamie again. If they both come to realize it just doesn't work, she wants to remain friends. Kate and Jefferson have managed to do it, so she doesn't see why it can't work out with Jamie."

Kate and Jamie, who were no strangers to PDA several years ago, have not been pictured together since April.