Michael Jackson's three children will now be in the hands of two family members.

TMZ reported on Friday that the late King of Pop's mother, Katherine Jackson, plans to file a joint guardianship request with Paris, 14, Prince, 15, and 10-year-old Blanket's cousin T.J. Jackson, who was appointed their temporary guardian on July 25.

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"That pleading will essentially now legally reflect how Mrs. Jackson and T.J. have often shared responsibilities of raising the children since Michael Jackson's tragic passing," Katherine's attorney, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ.

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The news comes one day after Katherine, 82, who has been resting up in Arizona since last week, returned home to her three grandchildren.

"Grandma's here! #thankyougod," Paris, tweeted in the wee hours Thursday morning.

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Katherine and T.J.'s mutual agreement may come as a surprise; after all, the Jackson matriarch told ABC News late Wednesday, "I am devastated that while I've been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I'm coming home," Katherine said while shooting down reports that she was kidnapped. "I am here today to let everybody to know that I am good and fine. My children would never do anything to me like that."

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