@_katherinewebb / Wonderwall
@_katherinewebb / Wonderwall

"You're beautiful but the weight loss is not good."

That's one of many negative comments Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Katherine Webb received on Instagram after posting a photo of herself in a bikini. Other responses ranged from "anorexic" to "someone please give her a sandwich," all of which Webb reposted along with her own angry response.

"To all of you who think I need to gain weight or eat more, I eat just fine. I am 5'11 so I have a lot more places to put my calories. I eat crap most of the time anyways," she wrote in a (via E!), sharing a screenshot of the photo's Instagram backlash.

"And to all the middle-aged women who like to leave mean comments on my page about my body, you can gladly skip my page and go somewhere else. I am tall, I eat just fine and also suffer from thyroid problems so don't make fun of me or my body when you probably have problems of your own. I rarely react to this kind of stuff, but this really bothers me."

In addition to her 2013 stint in SI, Webb, 25, has appeared in the reality television show, "Splash," and in an ad for Carl's Jr. The former Miss Alabama is married to AJ McCarron, the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals.


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