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Just over a week after her husband passed away, Kathie Lee Gifford returned to the "Today"show. In her TV return, she spoke of Frank Gifford's final moments.

"He would want you to know that he died in complete peace," she host said, while getting emotional. "He knew every sin he had committed was forgiven."

In her 8-minute tribute to her husband, Kathie Lee said Frank "passed away instantly that morning all dressed in what he knew was my favorite outfit, white shirt, very tight black jeans -- he knew when he looked good."

The day, she said, was normal. Frank was drinking coffee, watching TV and getting ready to go to church.

"I'm grateful that the Lord took him that way, because the only thing Frank has ever been afraid of in his entire life was being a burden to those he loved," she said. "He never wanted to be hooked up to machines. He never wanted to lose his dignity, he'd seen so much of that through the years."

In her emotional comments, she said, "We laughed up until the very end and this was a man who was at complete peace in his life."

Frank died at the age of 84 of natural causes on Aug. 9.

In her return to TV, Kathie Lee often fought through tears as she relayed stories of his life and the family's faith. She even hoped that people would understand that Frank was hardly born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

"He would want you all to know that when he was a little boy they had nothing, but they had their faith," she said. "Every time they moved to a new town his mother and father would take him and his siblings, they would go to church every week as a family and that kept them as a family through the darkest, darkest times."

"He strayed from his faith on occasion, but his faith never left him," she continued, her voice breaking.

After wiping away tears with a tissue, trying to keep her cool, Kathie Lee's co-host Hoda Kotb introduced a touching video of Heavenly Joy Jerkins, a 5-year-old girl singing the popular gospel song "This Little Light of Mine." She dedicated it to Kathie Lee. To Kathie Lee's surprise, the girl was then brought out and sang again for the co-hosts, bringing Kathie Lee to tears.

"I've held it together for a week!" exclaimed Kathie Lee as she wiped her eyes.