Kathy Griffin says it was worth the wait to see her bikini bod.

"The internets are a-blazed! I've always had a banging bikini body and I just now decided to reveal it at 48," the comic told at the GLAAD Awards in L.A. Friday night.

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"I am like the Susan Boyle of bikini bodies," she joked, comparing herself to the 47-year-old, never-been-kissed Britain's Got Talent sensation.

Griffin -- who normally mocks the famous -- had nothing mean to say about Boyle.

"I think she should get a slight eyebrow makeover -- like a manscape -- but nothing else," Griffin advised. "I love her almost exactly the way she is."

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Griffin's been hanging with new BFF Paris Hilton -- currently dating Lauren Conrad's ex, Doug Reinhardt.

"We have a lot in common and have a lot to talk about, and soon you will probably be see me banging someone from The Hills!" she said. "With this body, how could I not?"

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If that doesn't work out, Griffin says she may wed Aubrey O'Day -- whom she made out with at Bravo's A-List Awards.

"I am gay now with Aubrey O'Day. I am going to be Kathy O'Day," she said. "It will help my career."

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One thing that she won't do for attention: Dancing With the Stars, like her ex Steve Wozniak.

"I have been asked and I repeatedly say no," she said. "I cannot touch my toes, nor do I have any desire to do that."

Griffin -- who split from Wozniak in April after admitting they'd never had sex -- says she's "dating off and on" but the guy in question will remain off camera.

"It's not like my affair with Nick Carter, whom I was very public with," she joked.