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A Twitter war has broken out between two unlikely celebs: comedian Kathy Griffin and musical artist Demi Lovato.

The conversation got heated quickly when Griffin criticized Lovato, and the singer's many fans jumped on the comedian, threatening her and sending her hateful, rage-filled tweets. Lovato has since tried to get her fans to stop, and has apologized to Griffin.

The feud started earlier this week when, during a Twitter chat Griffin was participating in, the 53-year-old comedian was asked who she thought was the "biggest douche celebrity" that she had ever met.

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Kathy responded with a since-deleted tweet, saying "Probably [Demi] Lovato." And added that the 21-year-old singer "should calm the f down about Lady Gaga getting barfed on."

During a show at SXSW earlier this month, Lady Gaga had performance artist Millie Brown throw up on her. Lovato criticized this performance, claiming that it glamorized eating disorders.

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In response to Griffin's comments, Lovato posted a selfie on Twitter which showed her sticking her tongue out while Griffin stood in the background at an unnamed event, and captioned the pic, "Only a 'douche' to people I can't stand." Lovato deleted the pic and the tweet very quickly.

Lovato's fans, who call themselves "Lovatics" have been tweeting threats and hate-filled wishes to Griffin ever since, and the comedian has since retweeted many of them.

Also, according to Griffin, the tweet that started the whole feud was not actually deleted by her, but the deluge of death threats violated Twitter's terms of conduct, and the social media site itself removed the post.

Lovato, who has stayed out of the conversation since deleting the response selfie, broke her silence and apologized to Griffin on behalf of her fans, and told them to stop their hateful attacks. The singer tweeted, "I love you guys so much but y'all gotta chill with sending hate towards other people. Regardless of what they say or do.. The cruel things some of you are saying can really, REALLY hurt people. It's called cyber-bullying and somethings should NEVER be wished upon EVER. No matter WHAT. It makes me so sad to see how mean people can really be after all I've spoken out about anti-bullying. Be an example for other haters. I know my #Lovatics are better than that. I really appreciate you guys always having my back but this is going way too far. Please spread [peace] not hate ...."

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