Francois Dischinger / Harper's Bazaar 1 / 2
Francois Dischinger / Harper's Bazaar 1 / 2

By Brenda Rodriguez

Katie Couric is as peppy as she seems -- and she makes no apologies for it in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar. The history-making news anchor (becoming the first female solo anchor of a weekday network evening news broadcast) talks candidly about her pal Diane Sawyer, Botox and being labeled a cougar for dating a much younger man. She's more of a kitty cat, fellas.

On not being opposed to a little Botox:

"I think if you want to do some tweaks here and there, there's nothing wrong with that ... I think the fear factor of high def was overblown. I think God has a wonderful way of making your eyes start to go as your face does. I really can't see very well. Up close? Like in the mirror? I always worry after I've done my makeup that I'm gonna look like 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?'"

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On calling herself a joyful person:

"I mean, hello? Yes. I am. I am! And unashamed that I'm not cynical or dark or ironic."

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On being labeled a cougar for dating the much younger eco-preneur, Brooks Perlin:

"I just find it stupid, you know? I think it also surmises that the older woman is always the pursuer. That's not necessarily true. I always say that maybe the older woman is the prey and someone else is the predator. It's just silly."

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On her faux rivalry with Diane Sawyer:

"I think we like each other a lot ... I don't know whether it's that I've gotten older or more mature, but some of the brouhaha just seems so silly to me."

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