Katie Couric has never been one to be shy about her health issues, but the TV journalist reached a whole new level of TMI during a recent interview with Chelsea Handler on the Apr. 24 episode of Chelsea Lately.

Couric, who came forward about her struggles with bulimia during a September 2012 episode of her eponymous talk show, was prompted to remember her dramatic 1991 pregnancy with daughter Ellie, now 21, after Handler mentioned her own coccyx pain. (The coccyx is the medical term for tailbone.)

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"You know, when I was pregnant with Ellie, she never dropped because my coccyx protruded too much into my uterus," the 56-year-old host told Handler matter-of-factly. "So they … said if I wanted to have a regular delivery that they were gonna have to break my coccyx."

"And she would have come out of your a--," Handler joked as Couric laughed.

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The veteran journalist corrected the comedienne, saying that she instead opted to undergo a C-section. And her husband at the time (the late Jay Monahan, who passed away from colon cancer in 1998) was even brave enough to keep an eye on the procedure as it happened.

"When I had my C-section, you know, they put this tent over you," Couric explained. "And they put your arms on this board so you don't flail. So you feel like you're being crucified and they're cutting you open. And my husband was on that end -- bless his heart -- and he was like, 'Your uterus looks just like a portobello mushroom.' I said, 'Thanks honey, that's really helpful.'"

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As her audience roared with laughter, Handler couldn't resist adding in another quip: "That's funny because I just happen to be starving right now!"

Couric is also mom to 17-year-old daughter Carrie.

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