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Like his "Speed" costar Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves was recently targeted by a fan who was so obsessed she decided to pay him a visit at home.

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He was sleeping in his house in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles on Monday, according to TMZ, when he began hearing strange noises coming from the library.

When he went in to see what it was, he discovered a woman in her mid-'40s, quietly sitting on a chair near the books. Police sources tell TMZ that he handled the situation calmly, chatting with her as he called 911. After police arrived, they took the woman into custody and ordered a psychiatric evaluation for her.

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It seems she had broken in because she wanted to meet the 50-year-old "Matrix" star.

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In July, Bullock had a slightly more disturbing experience when she found a strange man near her bedroom in the middle of the night. After locking herself behind a door and calling police, it was revealed that he had been carrying photos of Bullock, as well as handwritten love letters when he entered the house. During a police investigation, they later found that the man, Joshua Corbett, had a stockpile of guns at his home. He was later charged with 19 felonies.